Choosing the Right Candle for Your Spiritual Journey

Choosing the Right Candle for Your Spiritual Journey

 Candles can be so much more than just a source of light and warmth. The right candle can help you connect with your inner self, manifest your desires, and bring comfort and strength when you need it most. At Inner Light Collective, each of our candles is handmade with intention and Reiki energy healing from owner/maker Erin Sharwood to help support your unique journey. So how do you choose the best candle for you? 

So where do I start you ask?
The Cleanse Candle is always a great place to start when selecting candles for your spiritual journey. It helps release any negative or stagnant energies from your home, space, and aura by utilizing fragrance of french pear with the every effervescent amethyst crystals that adorn this candle for the extra cleanse and also protection.Each candle also features an activation that supports you on your journey helping you to get a feel for how to cleanse and connect to the intentions. 

Connecting Deeply
Maybe you are looking for a candle to help you connect more deeply while meditating or manifesting your desires. If so, the Manifestation Candle or the Meditation candle could be the perfect choice! The candles fragrances are chosen to illuminate the energy and intention of each candle —allowing you to spread positive energy while also opening up your heart and mind as you move through meditation or manifestation practice. Again all candles are topped with crystals that also magnetize that energy. 

Creative Flow
Or perhaps you are looking for something different—something that can ignite ideas and creative flow. In that case, look no further than the Inspire Candle! With its energizing combination of Fresh crisp Himalayan bamboo, this candle will help unlock creativity while inspiring new ideas. Great for those who are working on creative projects or studying or simply need something to help them focus or feel motivation. This candle can help you tap into your unlimited potential.

Candles for Manifestation
If there's something specific that you'd like to manifest in your life then one of our Ritual Intention Candles is the perfect choice! These candles are carefully crafted to help you to call in Abundance, to tap into the moon cycles and either release or manifest using the candle with your moon ritual. We have New Moon and Full Moon.  Each have varying properties depending on what type of manifestation work you're trying to do. For example, if you want to attract love into your life then one of our Soul mate Candles could be the ideal way for you to focus on those intentions. Or if you are working on your fertility journey the Fertility Support candle could be for you. If you are looking to raise your vibration or give a gift to show you are grateful for someone the Gratitude candle could be for you. 


 No matter what stage of your spiritual journey you are on, Inner Light Collective has a candle tailored just for you! 

Choosing the right candle doesn't have to be complicated – just listen closely to what it is that your soul needs at this moment in time! All of our candles at Inner Light Collective are handcrafted with love and intention so that they can offer comfort, strength, clarity or whatever else it is that you need on your unique journey through life. We hope these descriptions have helped guide you towards finding the perfect candle for wherever it is that you are now! Happy shopping!


If you ever need a hand to choose a candle you can reach out to me and I will help to guide you in the right direction. 

Erin xx

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