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  • An Indepth Look Into The Four Elements

    The Four Elements also describe the four unique personality types associated with the zodiac signs.The elements exhibit profound influence on basic character traits, behaviour, emotions, thinking and intuition. They are reflected in our relationships, our ambitions or lack thereof, and the unexpected turns and twists that add spice to our lives.
  • Opening up to Energy Healing

    Energy healing is something that many people could benefit from, yet so many people dismiss it and think that it is nonsense. They believe that the...
  • A letter to my Body

    To my body,
    I am sorry, deeply and truly sorry for the way I have mistreated you. For the unkindness, I have shown you.
    For not loving you enough to care for you, to nourish you, to allow you to move in ways that free you.
    I apologize for allowing my thoughts to pierce you again and again. Unkind words to wound you and bruise you. I have hurt you time and time again.
    Pinching you, pulling, poking at parts I didn't like.


  • See you later 2021

    I actually found myself just last week wondering where my vivacious, fun self has gone. I feel like nothing really brings me joy. I feel a little flat. A little dead.
  • What is smudging and how do I do it?

    If you are the person who is being smudged or smudging yourself, the smoke is guided towards you and also inhaled with long slow breaths.  Allow the smoke to move all over the body from the head to the toes. 
  • Crystal Candle Care Tips

    Having Crystals with your intention candle is for the enhancement of healing properties. It magnify the intentions cast within and to help radiate that energy through to you. These are very special and powerful tools to use in your journey. 
  • The New moon in Leo - Lions Gate

    New Moon In Leo, Lions Gate The new moon is a time to set intentions and create rituals. This month’s new moon in Leo will be an opportunity for yo...
  • My Spiritual awakening journey

    A spiritual awakening is not an easy thing. It is not all light and fluffy, it is hard, dark, depleting and magic at the same time. It is like wading through the mud to finally be able to find a place to climb out of and be on solid ground. There will be times where you think you have it together and you slip back in. 
  • Candle Magic and Ritual

    Candle work is magical work.

    Candles have been used for centuries in ritual and magic practice. Fire of the candle is a powerful tool, it can ignite things, create and also remove and destroy and you can also use fire to invoke things. 

    The candle signifies, light, warmth, celebration, love, hope, commemoration. 

  • The Benefits of Crystals

    Crystals are treasures of the Earth. They have ancient heritage and incredible energies within. 

    There are many many different forms of crystals and it pays to do your research on what might be a good match for you where you are at. Also walking into a crystal store and taking not of what you may feel and energetic pull towards. Sometimes the crystal chooses you. 


  • Is it safe to have flowers in candles?

    Is it safe to have crystals and flowers in candles?

    In a short answer. YES it is safe. It is safe it they are placed correctly. When I pour my candles I try to add the botanics (and from here on out I will be extra conscious) in already melted wax so that when you light your wick the flame does not ignite the botanics. It is more likely to just melt and drift to the bottom of the jar as the wax melts. 

  • Get to know a little about me... and the journey of Inner Light Collective.

    For those of you who do not know me I wanted to share a bit about who I am and how Inner Light Collective came to be. My name is Erin and I am happ...