• Get to know a little about me... and the journey of Inner Light Collective.

    For those of you who do not know me I wanted to share a bit about who I am and how Inner Light Collective came to be. My name is Erin and I am happ...
  • Reiki, what to expect and how it can help

    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It's done by placing the hands on or near specific po...
  • The Benefits of Essential oils. | Inner Light Collective

    People are now waking up to the fact that the use of so many chemicals in our homes is having an impact on not only our health but also our mental health. 
  • Are Crystal Candles Safe?

    This is a question that often is asked and so I thought I would write a little something for those who are interested or curious about this.  With ...
  • The Importance of Energy Protection

    This morning I launched a whole range of products around this subject. Energy Protection.  You may not realise it but all energy effects you. Wheth...
  • The Power of Ritual

    There is a lot of power in ritual.
    When you set intentions of bringing something into your life, removing something and releasing, cleansing or simply engaging in self nourishment (with purpose) magic happens.
  • Helpful hints on trimming your wick and how to burn your candle.

    • Not everyone knows that there is a right and wrong way to burn a candle.
    • The first step is to always trim the wick. 
    • Trimmed wicks make for a cleaner burn with less smoky residue.
  • What is success anyway??

    I have had a longing all my life that there was more, that I could do more, that I could be more, that there was more to life than how I was living it. 
  • Grounding: the benefits

    Hug a tree. 

    Plain and simple. Get out and feel the energy of a tree. Putting your hands on the trunk, feeling the leaves or buds or branches. They have a energy that can not be ignored. Take a few minutes to sense this energy and give that tree a big ol hug. It will honestly make you feel so good. 


    Amazonite is such a beautiful stone and that is one of the reasons I chose it for the ABUNDANCE Reiki Infused Intention Candle.   This turquoise st...
  • The Manifest Ritual Candle

    This candle is a bespoke candle, meaning that I create the candle for you specifically based on your intentions that you are wanting to manifest into your life, you send that through to me when you purchase the Manifest candle.
  • Rose Quartz/ Self love intention candle and the benefits

    The universal LOVE stone.   Rose Quartz is known as the love stone. It is pink in colour. It is the stone of connection. It restores trust and prom...