Oh Hello there and welcome to Inner Light Collective. - the place where you can be supported on your healing journey through Reiki infused products, our healing services and also intuitive guidance. 

Inner Light Collective exists because I, Erin, understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want to feel good, be connected and do the healing that you need to do in a gentle and kind and loving way - and you want that to happen without the stress and struggles and to be supported on your journey, doing it your way. 

And more than that? You want to feel good about this process - doing things that feel aligned to you. Creating your own rituals and pathway but feeling like you are held along the path and all of this without the huge price tag. Founded in 2019  by me, Inner Light Collective started as a dream to help women find the light within through workshops, retreats, healing, sacred circles and now ritual and energy infused products. Over the years Inner Light Collective has evolved and I have worked with thousands of women, supporting them to come back home to themselves. To  feel content and confident in their choices and pathway moving forward.

Inner Light Collective ( the name ) was born while I was out taking a walk, it was as though guides sent me the name and it could not be more perfect for my values, and mission of what I want to provide. Even though Inner Light Collective was not what my brand was called initially, I have been holding space for women in this manner since 2013.  I have trained in many different modalities such as NLP (neuro linguistic programming )  Past life regression, Shaman rituals, EFT (tapping) and Reiki energy healing, and I also offer Tarot and Psychic readings. I pride myself on being real, raw and vulnerable and one of the things that I believe in is that everyone has a different journey and you should take the path of healing in your own way. Find what works for you what feels good and I will be here to hold space for you to do so. I guide you by shining a light on the path so that *you* can walk it. I always am guided by my intuition and will support you in a way that is unique and meaningful to you. There are many solutions available to you whether it be by attending a workshop, healing session, buying a candle, or doing one of the immersions or courses  that is available. All of the offers are all driven by affordability, accessibility and authenticity, so you can be sure that when you partner with me, you are getting a side-kick that is there to support you every step of the way. Not someone who is going to ‘set and forget’. It is how I help you to really cut through the noise and master your journey so you can feel seen, loved, confident, clear and connected.