Candles that not only enhance your home but nourish your soul

Here at Inner Light Collective, our candles stand out because they are not just candles. They are energy enhancers. They are handmade with love, and infused with reiki healing, and adorned with crystals. They create a harmonious atmosphere, cleansing and uplifting the energy in your home or space.

Each one a unique blend of positive energy, bringing a touch of spiritual warmth to your space.

We go beyond ambiance. they are your companions on a journey of self discovery and positive energy. Unlike your regular candles, ours are crafted creating a holistic experience.

So when you choose our candles you are not just lighting up a room, you are igniting your inner light and illuminating you space with intention and elevating your surroundings.

Don't you need a radiant energy boost for your soul.


  • Deborah



    Lighting Erin's Self Love candle is a reminder to yourself just how special you are. Love all your candles Erin

  • Jade

    Love it



    I ordered 3 and gifted 2 and both of those people ordered again.

    Highly recommend.

  • Maddyson B



    I cannot recommend Erin enough she goes above and beyond for her customers and her products are absolutely stunning ❤️

  • Sharon T



    These candles are not only visually stunning, they also smell divine! I absolutely love them and will continue to buy them for myself and as presents .

Hi, I am Erin

I am the owner, founder and operator of Inner Light Collective. As a woman who is dedicated to healing myself and others, I understands the importance of energy and how it can be used for healing purposes. This is how the Reiki Infused Intention candles were born. The candles are made with the highest quality ingredients and are infused with love and light. They are intended to nourish the soul and provide healing on all levels. The candles are also handmade, cleansed and poured by me, making them even more special. Inner Light Collective is about providing healing and love to others in the most beautiful way possible.

I want you to feel the energy within the candles I hope that you feel the love and care that has gone into each and every candle that is poured by my own hands and my priority is making sure that you get the most out of your experience what ever your intention is.

  • Jacquie



    I bought this candle for myself for my birthday to celebrate all that I am.

    I light this when meditating or journaling, and the smell is really beautiful.

  • Margie



    Treat yourself to some essential luxuries.

    This is a beautiful candle to look at and has a lovely delicate scent.Which is relaxing and inspiring at the same time.

  • Samantha



    My Favourite Candles.

    Great fragrance, beautiful to look at. I am a big fan of these candles, and I am working my way through the range, so far I have not been dissapointed