Collection: Download your Guided Meditations

Another thing that I love to do is to offer guidance through Meditation, Invocations or activation's. When recording I often go to other places and allow to come through what is supposed to for the listener. I have created activation's to be coupled with your Intention candles, with your ritual boxes or ritual kits and I have also opened up the deeper activation's and channeling to connect with the various Goddess, Feminine essences as well as many guided meditations for connection, healing, balance, anxiety etc...


I find your meditations amazing they take me to another level. I really go there.  have listened to other meditations before and none of them take me there like yours. I am not just saying that. They are brilliant. 

- Simone

Oh that meditation was so calming 

- Joy 

Minutes in I can feel my crown chakra buzzing and tingling. 

- Samara 

Such a beautiful meditation! So relaxing but also insightful and uplifting! I realise how important my vessel is for me and the significance of looking after myself - its the least I can do :)

- Mel 

Wow that Inner Child Meditation left me with tears rolling down my cheeks. Powerful stuff!
- Samantha