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Inner Light Monthly Subscription box

Inner Light Monthly Subscription box

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The Inner Light Collective monthly subscription box is the perfect way to bring some light into your life. Each month, you'll receive a new candle, in either a tealight, mini, or full-size, or large along with some of our favourite fragrances, new styles or even limited editions as well as our store favourites. We'll also send you a different style of candles each month, so you can try new things and find your favourites. In addition to candles, we also include other products like essential oils, crystals and bath salts. Whether you're looking to relax or just trying to get in touch with your spiritual side, the Inner Light Collective monthly subscription box has something for everyone.

Subscribe and Save. 

How it works

The subscription for each month starts on the 1st of the month before and cut off dates are the 31st of the end of the month before. All orders are shipped out on the 1st of the month. 

So our June boxes will be taking orders from May 1 to May 31st. Orders to be shipped  Sent out June 1st. 

 There is Free shipping on the subscription boxes. In Australia only 

Each box has a selection of different sized candles, a product, which is either a crystal, essential oil, smudge, spray, face mist, bath salts or more. 


Every month you will receive a new set of candles and products so that you can build 

You can choose our basic box, our deluxe box or the exclusive box. 

 The Subscription packages 

The Candle Lover 

This is a candle sent to you every month, a new style, fragrance or size Med or large. 

These are for those who want to try all Inner Light Collectives candles and collect your favourites on a very good budget. 

The Basic Subscription includes 

 2 candles of different sizing and scents and an essential oil roller.  

When you purchase you are saving 15%


The Deluxe Subscription box includes

3 candles of a variety of sizing and scents and other products 

 When you purchase you are saving 25%

The Exclusive Subscription box includes

4 candles of a variety of sizes and styles as well as a collection of products.

When you purchase you are saving 30%


All candles are a mystery sent out so that it feels like Christmas. We take note of what you have received previously so you are not doubling up unless you want a certain style again.