Intention behind the Candles.

Welcome to the heart of Inner Light Collective, where each candle is more than just wax and wick—it's a vessel of intention, energy, and love. As the creator, Erin infuses every candle with her own heart and soul, performing a sacred ritual to ensure that each one is imbued with the highest vibrations of Reiki energy.

When you choose one of our candles, you're not just selecting a fragrance; you're selecting an energy—a feeling—that aligns with your intentions and desires. Each fragrance is carefully chosen to complement and enhance the energetic qualities of the candle, creating a harmonious blend of scent and intention.

Every step of the process, from pouring the wax to selecting the fragrance, is done with care and intention. Erin pours each candle only on days when the energy is aligned, ensuring that every candle is infused with the optimal vibrations for manifestation and transformation.

So when you light one of our candles for the first time, know that you're not just igniting a flame; you're igniting the energy of your intentions, setting them free to manifest in your life. Trust that the energy infused into each candle will guide you on your journey, leading you toward the fulfillment of your desires, one flicker at a time.