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Soul Mate Ritual Candle

Soul Mate Ritual Candle

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I put a spell on you!

Are you looking to call in that soulmate energy? Do you have someone in mind but need the courage? Are you ready to call in the love you have been seeking? or Do you know someone who is? 

This ritual candle was designed for those of you who are looking to find that special someone. That person you want to share your special moments with. 

Think of this candle as your own personal love spell. A spell, intention, and energy that you move into. Creating an energetic vibration of self-confidence, vitality, stability, and security in your own incredible qualities This is not so much a spell that is cast on another; it is more an energy you are stepping into. 

In order to attract your soul mate, our energy needs to be at the vibration where you will be a match for what you are calling in. In order to do that, you need to give yourself love first. Others find confidence attractive, so the first step is to find that unconditional love for yourself—to pamper, care for, nourish, and love yourself as you would a partner. 

Focus on what you do have, not what you DO NOT have. Because energy is everything, showing gratitude for what you have will set your frequency higher, and you will become energetically more magnetic. 


When you purchase this candle, be aware that miracles may happen. You will receive a special calling in your Soul Mate Ritual to use alongside your candle. 

Each candle is individually cleansed, poured, and then sealed with Reiki energy to connect you to the energy of calling forth that soul mate you long for. 

Are you ready? 


 Healing properties 

The Soul Mate Candle is adorned with crystals to help you move into the energy of self-love, strength, vitality, passion, and worth.

You will receive a call in your soul mate ritual when you purchase this candle 

 Each candle is intuitively created for you 



Sugar Magnolia

A delightful fresh scent

Top notes: Tangy citrus 
Mid notes: Geranium, apple, rose, jasmine and osmanthus
Base notes: Musk and vanilla.


I am calling in my soul mate. I am ready to receive love on the deepest level. I trust that the universe will bring us together when the time is right. I open myself up to the possibility of true love, and I release all doubt and fear. I am worthy of being loved, and I am ready to give and receive love unconditionally. I know that we will find each other when we are both ready to give and receive love completely. Until then, I release all attachment to the outcome and I trust that everything is happening for my highest good.

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Awaken Your Inner Light, Nourish Your Soul


A candle that takes you away to peaceful places.