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Cleanse Reiki Infused Intention Candle
Cleanse Reiki Infused Intention Candle
Cleanse Reiki Infused Intention Candle
Cleanse Reiki Infused Intention Candle

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Cleanse Reiki Infused Intention Candle

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The intention for the cleanse Reiki infused candles is to assist you with protection, clearing and balance. Simply by setting your own intention to clear your space, your aura or those with whom you live with fields. Helping you to have a more harmonious abundance of energies around you.

 This energetic vessel is charged with an intention for cleansing and purification. You can use this candle as often as needed in any room that needs an upliftment of energy or simply set it aside in the corner of any room where negative energy may be lingering. It will help keep things balanced and peaceful throughout the day! Use it anywhere from home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms etc…anywhere that could use some extra love! If there is someone who has been sick place this candle next to their bedside table so they can continue healing while resting peacefully at night time! The Crystals placed individually in this candle are chosen to amplify the intention and purifying power.


The true layered pear captures the natural scent of the brandied sweet pears!

Top notes: Lemon Zest
Mid notes: Ground cinnamon, fresh pear, harvest apple and clove
Base notes: Creamy Vanilla

Crystal:  Amethyst - cleansing, clearing negative influences and attachments, act as a shield of spiritual light. relieves stress, anxiety, overwhelm, is a form of spiritual protection.  

Encourages inner strength and brings wealth and a strong business sense to its wearer.
it is a crystal of spiritual growth and protection that brings mental clarity. Helps you become more in tune with your emotions and know yourself on a deeper level.
Amethyst repels negative energy and attracts positive energy. Making them wonderful protection stones for your home. One of the strongest crystals for ridding the home of negative influences.


Cleanse Invocation: 
I invite in the light...
I invite in positive energies to cleanse and purify myself and this space of
all forms of thoughts, energies and emotions, that are no longer of service to me. 
I  call on these energies to transmute back into love and light.
And so it is ........

Candle Care


    • Crystals within the candles may move once the wax is melted if they fall towards the wick just remove them and place them beside your jar. 
    • Trim wick to 7mm to stop blackening and ensure a clean burn 
    • Once the candle is burned to the bottom of the jar do not leave burning as the wick may not extinguish itself. 
    • Botanics within the jar will usually cover in wax and just melt through the candle. I try to place Botanics away from wick so just be mindful they may smoulder a little in the initial burn. 
    • Don’t leave candle unattended 
    • If the candle has citrus in it it is advised to remove it before burning
    • Candles first burn should be burned until the wax reaches the edges of the jar. Creating a memory so the candle then burns to the edges each time. 

    Never burn a candle for longer than three hours at a time. If a candle is burnt for excessive periods without being allowed to re-solidify, even the best candle can burn out the sides. Causing the jar to be exposed to excessive heat which may fracture or shatter the jar.



BURN TIME:   70 hrs roughly 

RECYCLE: Reuse your jar as a vase, plant a succulent, little herb garden in them.
 Add cotton tips, makeup brushes, cotton face wipes, cotton wool for the bathroom.  
Pens or pencils or office supplies. The possibilities are endless. 

 Shipping and Delivery 

 All candle orders are hand-poured to order. Items are shipped via Australia Post or Courier (both tracked) within 5-7 business days of your order being placed. As a small business, this allows time to custom pour, carefully package and ship your order. Transit time can range from 1 to 7 business days depending upon your location in Australia.

Please ensure you have entered the correct shipping address details, as we are not responsible for delivery errors due to incorrect addresses.

Once your order has been shipped, we will send you a confirmation email with tracking advice. Please note, that whilst we will do our best to help you locate any missing parcels, we cannot accept responsibility for these once they have left our workshop.