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Cleanse - Reiki + Crystal Infused Candle

Cleanse - Reiki + Crystal Infused Candle

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The Perfect way to clear your space and Protect yourself from Negative Energy.

The Cleanse Reiki-infused candles are the perfect way to clear your energy and bring balance and protection into all of your spaces. From the comfort of your own home, you can set an intention for this candle and use its energy to clear out any negativity lingering in the air. It's an easy, powerful way to restore harmony throughout your living space - no matter how small or large! Perfect for any room, from bathrooms to bedrooms and even work offices, these candles will provide a subtle but noticeable upliftment of energy that will keep things calm and peaceful throughout the day. Plus, you can recharge them as needed with affirmation or prayer to keep a steady flow of positive vibrations within your space. However you choose to use them, The Cleanse candle offers a unique and efficient way to cleanse the energies around you. Helping you to have a more harmonious abundance of energies in your field.  

Standard benefits:
- Clear your space of negative energy.
- Protect yourself from harm.
- Bring balance and harmony to your life.
Emotional benefits:
- Feel lighter, happier and more at peace.
- Experience a sense of safety and security.
- Enjoy an abundance of positive energies around you.

 This energetic vessel is charged with the intention of cleansing and purification. You can use this candle as often as needed in any room that needs an upliftment of energy or simply set it aside in the corner of any room where negative energy may be lingering. It will help keep things balanced and peaceful throughout the day! Use it anywhere from home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms etc…anywhere that could use some extra love! If there is someone who has been sick place this candle next to their bedside table so they can continue healing while resting peacefully at night time! The Crystals placed individually in this candle are chosen to amplify the intention and purifying power.

  • Hand-poured, Australian-made candle
  • Infused with Reiki Healing Energy
  • Topped with Beautiful Raw Amethyst and Blue Cornflower
  • 300g | 400g soy wax blend
  • 100% cotton wicks
  • Fully recyclable glass
  • Approx. 50/70hr burn time



FRENCH PEAR: The true layered pear captures the natural scent of the brandied sweet pears!

Top notes: Lemon Zest
Mid notes: Ground cinnamon, fresh pear, harvested apple and clove
Base notes: Creamy Vanilla

Healing Properties

Amethyst - cleansing, clearing negative influences and attachments, acts as a shield of spiritual light. relieves stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, and is a form of spiritual protection.  

Encourages inner strength and brings wealth and a strong business sense to its wearer.
it is a crystal of spiritual growth and protection that brings mental clarity. Helps you become more in tune with your emotions and know yourself on a deeper level.
Amethyst repels negative energy and attracts positive energy. Making them wonderful protection stones for your home. One of the strongest crystals for ridding the home of negative influences.


Cleanse Invocation: 
I invite in the light...
I invite in positive energies to cleanse and purify myself and this space of
all forms of thoughts, energies and emotions, that are no longer of service to me. 
I  call on these energies to transmute back into love and light.
And so it is ........

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