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Manifest - Reiki + Crystal Infused Ritual Candle

Manifest - Reiki + Crystal Infused Ritual Candle

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  Are you ready to manifest your desires?

Our Manifest candle is a powerful tool for setting intentions and taking action on them. It’s the perfect companion to any ritual or ceremony. Each Candle is created intuitively, by hand pouring it, cleansing it with sage or another smudge. Reiki energy infused it within with intention. If you are ready to receive then this is the candle for you!

You deserve happiness in all areas of your life - from love and relationships to money and career success. With this one-of-a-kind candle, set an intention that will bring about positive change in your life so that you can enjoy what's coming next! This ritual has been used successfully by many people around the world who have experienced amazing results when they use this powerful tool as part of their daily rituals or ceremonies. Now it's time for YOU to experience how effective these candles are at bringing about positive changes in your life too! Order now while supplies last!


Standard benefits:
- Manifest your desires
- Create change in your life
- Attract positive energy
Emotional benefits:
- Feel supported in your intentions
- Experience positive change in your life
- Enjoy the journey to your goals

A wonderful gift for those who are looking to manifest their wishes. 

  • Hand-poured, Australian-made candle
  • Infused with Reiki Healing Energy
  • Topped with intuitively chosen crystals, and florals
  • 300g soy wax blend
  • 100% cotton wicks
  • Fully recyclable glass
  • Approx. 50hr burn time


 The fragrance changes for this beauty as it is created intuitively. The Fragrances used right now are. They are usually a floral or soft fragrance 



When you are working with Manifestation it is very important to be super clear about what it is that you are calling in. 

This Manifest candle is a candle for your own personal ritual. So, you want to bring your dreams into reality? Well, this is the perfect guide for you. Learn how to manifest what you desire in life with just a few minutes of the candlelit ceremony. You don't have to wonder about what it is that you want anymore; all it takes is being specific on paper and lighting up your candle for some uninterrupted time! First off, start by making a list of everything that comes to mind when thinking about your goal or desired outcome. Be very specific, If you want money, be specific about the amount, do you want enough to pay off a debt? It doesn't matter if they are tangible objects like money or more abstract thoughts like love - be as specific as possible because specificity makes it easier for your brain to feel tuned in while doing the ritual.

Sit comfortably somewhere quiet and allow yourself time for your mind and body to relax.

Think about what you want from this moment:

What does it feel like to have what it is you desire?

See it as if it is already here.

Allow yourself time to really feel the energy of receiving this gift you desire.

Repeat an affirmation of your choice or the one below I am open. I am ready to receive it.

Much love Erin xx


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