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Full Moon Ritual Essential Oil Roller

Full Moon Ritual Essential Oil Roller

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🌕 Celestial Release Elixir: Full Moon Oil Roller 🌹✨

Embrace the luminous energy of the Full Moon with our Celestial Release Elixir – a transformative blend designed to accompany you on your full moon rituals. This essential oil roller is a beacon of illumination, guiding you through the profound journey of release and letting go.

🌕 Full Moon Radiance: Bask in the radiant glow of the Full Moon, a time of culmination and release. Our Celestial Release Elixir ( Full Moon Ritual oil) is carefully crafted to amplify the potency of your full moon rituals, aiding you in shedding what no longer serves and paving the way for new beginnings.

🌿 Botanical Alchemy: Immerse yourself in the alchemy of essential oils. This blend features a harmonious fusion of botanical wonders, including Bergamot, Rose, Lavender, and more. Each note is thoughtfully selected to resonate with the lunar cycle, enhancing your connection with the cosmic energies.

🌹 Release and Let Go: This elixir is a gentle guide for releasing blocks, letting go of the old, and making space for growth. Bergamot brings clarity, Rose encourages emotional release, and Lavender soothes the spirit, creating a trifecta of botanical support for your journey of transformation.

✨ Ritual in a Roller: Make the Full Moon a sacred ritual with just a roll. Apply this elixir to your pulse points, creating a fragrant pathway to your intentions. Let the soothing aroma be your guide as you surrender to the cosmic flow of release.

🌌 Celestial Connection: The Celestial Release Elixir is more than an oil blend; it's a bridge to the cosmos. Feel the energy of the moon infuse your being as you connect with the celestial realms, embracing the magic of the lunar cycle.

🌕 How to Use: Roll onto your wrists, heart center, and temples before engaging in your Full Moon rituals. Take a moment to inhale deeply, allowing the essence to envelop you in the transformative energy of release.

Step into the luminosity of the Full Moon with our Celestial Release Elixir – where every roll is a dance with the cosmic rhythm of release and renewal. 🌟🌕 
*Note: External use only. Please perform a patch test before use. If pregnant, nursing, or under medical care, consult a physician.*
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