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Inner Light Collective

Earth - Alchemy Element Candle- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth - Alchemy Element Candle- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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Connect with Earthly Comfort with the Earth Element Candle

The Earth Element – steadfast, nurturing, and deeply grounding. It embodies the essence of stability, abundance, and the embrace of nature. This candle is a comforting tribute to the Earth Element, perfect for Earth signs or anyone seeking the warm, grounding energy of the Earth.

Whether you're looking for a cozy atmosphere or a moment of earthly solace, this candle is your perfect companion.

Crafted with Love and Grounding

Each candle is crafted with care, hand-poured to perfection, and infused with the nurturing energy of Reiki. The crystals that adorn these candles are intuitively chosen, enhancing the sense of stability in your space.

Details of Comfort

- Hand-poured: Made with devotion in Australia.
- Reiki Healing Energy:Infused to ground your spirit and offer solace.
- Crystal Toppings: Featuring crystals to enhance the stability in your life.
- Soy Wax Blend: A clean-burning, eco-friendly choice.
- 100% Cotton Wicks: For a steady and soothing burn.
- Eco-friendly Glass: Fully recyclable.
- Approx. 50hr Burn Time**: Extended hours of enveloping warmth.

A Fragrance to Savor
Turkish Mocha - Close your eyes and imagine a cozy café where the rich aroma of coffee mingles with the sweetness of sugar and vanilla. Add a touch of star anise for intrigue, and you have a comforting, indulgent experience.

- Top Notes: Fresh Brewed Coffee and Star Anise, awakening your senses.
- Mid Notes: Cocoa Powder and Brown Sugar, filling the air with warmth.
- Base Notes: Whipped Milk and Vanilla Bean, grounding your spirit in comfort.

Embrace Earthly Abundance

Light this candle and let the Earth Element envelop you in its nurturing embrace. Allow the comforting aroma to ground your spirit, nurture your soul, and connect you to the abundance of the Earth.

Whether for moments of relaxation, meditation, or simply as a reminder of the stability and comfort in your life, this Earth Element candle is your gateway to embracing the nurturing power of the Earth. 
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Standard Benefits:

  1. Promotes relaxation and stress relief.
  2. Enhances overall well-being and inner peace.
  3. Supports the body's natural healing process.
  4. Helps to balance energy and chakras.
  5. Facilitates deeper meditation and mindfulness practices.
  6. Creates a calming and soothing atmosphere in any space.
  7. Promotes emotional and spiritual alignment.
  8. Enhances mood and uplifts spirits.
  9. Encourages self-care and self-awareness.
  10. Provides a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Emotional Benefits:

  1. Releases emotional blockages and promotes emotional healing.
  2. Helps to alleviate anxiety, depression, and other emotional imbalances.
  3. Encourages self-love, acceptance, and forgiveness.
  4. Supports emotional release and catharsis.
  5. Promotes a sense of empowerment and inner strength.
  6. Facilitates emotional growth and personal transformation.
  7. Encourages a positive outlook and mindset.
  8. Enhances intuition and inner guidance.
  9. Supports healing from past traumas or emotional wounds.
  10. Fosters a deeper connection to oneself and others.

Healing Properties

At Inner Light Collective, every candle and product carries the transformative touch of Reiki healing energy, infused by our founder Erin, a dedicated Reiki energy healer. With each creation, Erin crafts a sacred ritual infused with loving intention, ensuring that every item is imbued with powerful healing vibrations. Our candles, products, and services are meticulously crafted with conscious intention, serving as compassionate companions on your unique journey of self-discovery and healing. We're here to support and guide you as you navigate the depths of your personal transformation.



The Fragrances we choose are chosen to be a perfect companion to the intention of each candle


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