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Inner Light Collective

Balance Reiki infused Candle

Balance Reiki infused Candle

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Embrace Equilibrium

Experience the transformative power of balance and harmony with our specially crafted candle—a beacon of light designed to promote equilibrium and alignment within yourself and with the world around you. Infused with the harmonious fragrance of Australian Bush this candle serves as a gentle reminder to find peace and balance in all areas of life.

Our Balance and Harmony Candle is a powerful tool for chakra balancing. Each element of this candle is carefully curated to promote alignment and equilibrium within the body's energy centers, allowing for greater flow and vitality.

Whether you're seeking to find balance in your relationships, career, or personal growth journey, our Balance and Harmony Candle is here to support you. Let its gentle fragrance and healing energy guide you towards a state of inner peace and alignment, where all aspects of your life are in perfect harmony.

As an added bonus, when you purchase our Balance and Harmony Candle, you'll receive a complimentary chakra balancing activation or meditation. This guided practice will help you connect with each of your chakras, releasing blockages and restoring harmony to your energy system.

Fragrance: Australian Bush or Cinnamon Vanilla

MEDITATION DOWNLOAD: When you bring one of our enchanting candles into your space, you're not just lighting a wick; you're igniting a journey of inner exploration and connection. As a token of our appreciation, we'll whisk a serene guided meditation straight to your inbox. It's like a gentle nudge guiding you to dive deeper into the radiant energy of your candle, and your intentions, allowing you to bask in its glow while nurturing your spirit. 

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Awaken Your Inner Light, Nourish Your Soul


A candle that takes you away to peaceful places.