What is Reiki

What is Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy healing that was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the Early 20th Century.
Rei - higher intelligence, subtle wisdom, God wisdom or higher power
Ki - Chi, prana, life force energy
So in a nutshell Reiki is known as spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki is a spiritual practice but it is in no way religious. There is no dogma or preconceived elements that you must believe. You can practice reiki alongside any religion or none....
When you are in a Reiki session your practitioner will ask you to get comfortable either lying or sitting, fully clothed. If you attending a face to face session your practitioner will place their hands on or just over the body. Moving and changing the hand placements during the session. You may feel a lightness, a shift in energy, emotions, tingling, warmth. 

Each practitioner works in their own style. When I have a distance reiki session with someone I either do it by phone or zoom call and when we get to the healing portion I either put them on speaker or mute the video so that there is a total relaxed atmosphere. 

With my clients I work with them as if I am physically with them in the room. I will guide them ( kind of like a guided meditation ) explaining where I am working, what I am sensing, releasing, dissolving etc. 

You may feel sensations the same as in a face to face or hands on session and also may see colours, or visions. 

Sometimes you will feel instantly lighter and other times the energy may be heavy. Remember that giving yourself the time to integrate is of utmost importance. Drinking plenty of fluids and also getting rest.. 

Each and every session I have done has been completely different so there is no set rules, rhymes or reason... 

Some of the benefits of reiki are:

Relaxes the mind and the body

Improves sleep

Eases muscle tension

Encourages emotional release

Strengthens the immune system

Increases energy 

Helps with mental clarity 

Relieves fatigue

Reduces anxiety

Helps with pain management

Balances and aligns chakras 

Aids in life purpose discovery

Helps in expanding and discovery of your spiritual path

Aids in Healing past trauma

Can remove energetic cords, oaths and contracts

Strengthen intuition 

Can improve self esteem and confidence


If you have not tried reiki I would highly recommend it. I have a free intentional reiki introduction on the home page, you can download it or you can book in for a session at the link below. 



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