What is Clairsentience?

What is Clairsentience?


Clairsentience is an extraordinary gift that allows us to access knowledge and feelings beyond the tangible.

It's considered a psychic ability, but it can also become part of our practice with other forms of divination such as astrology, tarot, and energy healing. Clairsentience connects us to energies that exist in the present or from other times and places. By embracing this power, we can uncover unseen insights with incredible clarity. Clairsentience grants us a heightened sensitivity to our environment so we can live more aware and fully present in each moment.

Being a clairsentient means harnessing the power of your unique intuition, as well as being empathically connected to the energies that are around us. It's like having your own personal supernaturally strong sense within you; tuning in to everyone's vibes and knowing more than words could express. It's giving yourself permission to be deeply in tune with the world and using that knowledge to understand not only yourself, but others too. For those who identify themselves as clairsentient, there is an amazing connection between their inner compass understanding and ability to feel things out at a spiritual level - that it can almost be compared to having an antenna plugged into the cosmic universe.

What does it look like to be Clairsentient

• Clairsentience is the ability to pick up on energy and emotions from the environment and people around you.
• It involves an intuitive understanding of a situation or person without needing to be explicitly told.
• Individuals who possess clairsentience may be able to sense when someone is in danger, feel their thoughts and feelings, receive impressions from other realms, or even foresee future events.
• Clairsentience can manifest as physical sensations such as shivers, goosebumps, pressure in the head, tingling sensation on the skin, warmth or coldness around certain objects and people.
• The ability to be clairvoyant is usually a result of a very spiritual nature which enables these individuals to tap into higher levels of consciousness.
• Those with this gift often have heightened intuition, empathy and sensitivity towards all forms of energy.
• The practice of meditation can help strengthen one’s natural ability to sense energy and interpret psychic information accurately.
• By tuning into other dimensions and energies, one can become aware of messages from spirit guides and entities that are not visible in the physical world.
• Those who possess this special power often also have a natural connection with animals and plants that enable them to understand their needs more deeply than others can.
• When using clairsentience it is important to stay grounded by setting healthy boundaries so that one does not become overwhelmed by the intense spiritual energies they may encounter during a session.


Signs you may be Clairsentient 

• If you find yourself spontaneously picking up on the emotions and energies of those around you, especially when you are not consciously aware of it, this may be a sign that you are clairsentient.
• You might notice that your intuition is heightened and that you’re able to pick up on subtle information in the environment more quickly than others.
• When talking to someone, you may feel an overwhelming sense of emotion or even physical sensations such as an upset stomach or tight chest.
• Clairsentients often experience a feeling of knowing something without being able to explain why they know it.
• You may have dreams that seem particularly vivid and meaningful, with messages or symbols coming through from another realm.
• During meditation, certain words or phrases may come to mind for no apparent reason.
• You might be sensitive to the energy in a room and can easily tell if the mood changes depending on who enters or leaves.
• Your senses become highly tuned to any kind of feelings, whether good or bad - making it easy for you to detect when someone is lying or telling the truth.
• You could have sudden flashes of insight about people or situations which seem unrelated but later turn out to make sense in hindsight.
• Clairsentients tend to rely heavily on their gut instincts and often make decisions based on their intuition rather than logical reasoning.



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