What goes into the reiki infused intention candle process?

What goes into the reiki infused intention candle process?


When I created the intention candles I wanted them to be beautiful. I’m Libran that’s a trait... love everything to look good, but I wanted it to more than that.

See being an energy healer a lot of my work is with intention... so this of course is no different..

When choosing the intention candles I wanted to create something that I knew a lot of my clients ( and myself) work on it’s towards..

I also wanted their to be a purpose behind the fragrances as well as the colours and crystals used as well as botanics, herbs and fruit.

The fragrances match the meanings. Which you can find on the product page of the store website.

The same goes with the crystals...

Once all those details were decided I get to work.

I pop on music that really helps me to tune into energy and spirit... that higher part of myself.
I grab my sage and start the cleansing process setting the intention to clear away any energy from the glassware , wicks, crystals etc.. moving around them making sure I get all of them... just asking for any negative energy to be turned back into love and light. Ushering in positive, renewed energy to create beautiful candles for you...

I then set to work on the wax. Melting and pouring melting and pouring adding the fragrance as I pour so they are mixing together as one...

I try to spill as little I can.. as I pour each candle I set the intention.


SELF LOVE allow the owner to call on unconditional love, confidence, nuturing and anything they need..
MANIFEST- allowing the owner of the candle to access that manifestation energy to be a magnet for all they desire
GROUND allowing the owner to feel supported, connected and balanced as well as anything that they need energetically.
CLEANSE- to cleanse and clear negative energies from the physical body, aura and also spaces... helping to release emotions that are stagnant and anything that the owner needs
TRANSFORMATION to guide the owner to connect to their higher self and to open up to expansion tap into their own power and to expand.

Each intention is cast with the thought in mind that what ever the person needs from the candle it will manifest.

Once they are poured intentions are set the delicate process of adding in the crystals begins. This needs to be done when the wax is not to soft and before it is too hard. They are lightly guided into the wax. Sometimes you may see a bit of a lift in the wax or a bubble. I try my hardest to get the perfect finish and try to push them in far enough that they won’t pop out during travel but I can’t always guarantee that... for me the fun is in this creativity process. I pick the crystals beforehand placing them beside each jar so when I pour they are already energetically attached to that vessel...

I seal each one with a special reiki symbol,
Then I leave them to cure for a day or two before beginning to package them up to send.

I also choose them specifically for each person asking which one calls to go with that person...

I was initially individually setting intentions but that is not going to be possible this time around ( amazing busy) although I set the intention for the recipient to receive what they need.

Then I ship them out to you..

I just wanted to share this as I love the process and thought you might like to know what goes into it.

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