The Solar Eclipse April 8 2024

The Solar Eclipse April 8 2024

The Solar Eclipse: A Cosmic Rebirth 

Hey, lovely souls! Can we just take a moment to soak up the magic of the universe right now? Because, let me tell you, there's something truly life-altering brewing in the cosmos – and it's called the Solar Eclipse.


Now, I know not all of us will be able to witness this celestial spectacle, especially down under in Australia, where it's happening at 3 am on April 9. But hey, who needs to see it with their eyes when you can feel its energetic waves, right?

And let me tell you, this eclipse isn't showing up alone. Nope, it's bringing along its cosmic entourage: a New Moon and a retrograde. So buckle up, folks, because we're in for some serious soul shifts.

Eclipses, oh boy, they're like the universe's way of giving us a nudge toward our destiny. They're asking us to breathe new life into our old ways, projects, and patterns. You know, those habits we've been trying to kick to the curb for what feels like eons – fear, self-sabotage, you name it.

But guess what? Now's the time to bid those old habits adieu and step into a brand spankin' new energy. One that's all about abundance, joy, strength, and confidence. Are you ready for that?

This is our moment, friends. A powerful time to release what's been holding us back. To shed those old cycles that have been on repeat for way too long. It's time to hit the reset button and embrace a fresh perspective.

I mean, when else do we get the chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, right? So let's make the most of this cosmic reboot and step boldly into the light of a new dawn.

So much of this energy right now is asking us to take stock of what it is that we have let us hold back. What have we been afraid of? Where have we held ourselves back from fully expressing ourselves or stepping into our gifts or power. Why do we not feel comfortable or confident or belief in our abilities, and when we witness these questions, these emotions, we begin to let that old way of thinking go. Why the hell am I not stepping into my greatness, I am worthy and deserving and incredibly talented. Changing the way we think, feel and see things. 

If you're feeling the vibes of this potent energy, and I don't mean all the light and airy ones, this astrological energy has been hard... Lets be honest, I have had some down on my knees moments in the lead up to now and it has been chaotic. intense and its felt heavy as fuck. But we cannot move into the light without the dark. So strap in, Let's ride this cosmic wave together, and who knows what magic awaits on the other side?

I am sending you all heaps of love and light during this transformative time. Remember, you've got the power to create your own cosmic destiny. So let's make it a beautiful one.

With love and stardust, Erin 💫

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