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The Power of Ritual

There is a lot of power in ritual.
When you set intentions of bringing something into your life, removing something and releasing, cleansing or simply engaging in self nourishment (with purpose) magic happens.
See what happens is you raise your energetic vibration to be a match for what it is you are seeking.
When you do that you are a magnet for the same type of energy.
So say you are looking to call in love. When you set the intention to do so you start to move into a space of love. Doing things that make you feel it, being kinder to yourself and others around you. Opening your eyes and watching others, looking for the good in them as they may be 'the one' When you are in this frequency you open yourself up to that and therefore others see that you are loving, kind and open.
When you decide that you are going to start putting that intention out there the universe see's and feels this and therefore you start to attract more experiences and situations where opportunities just fall at your feet so to speak.
When you engage in ritual such as lighting a candle, attending a goddess circle, a moon ritual, bath ritual, self care ritual, meditation ritual you are showing the universe that you are serious about what it is you want and again your raise your energetic vibration to be a match for that.
If you are in business and you are looking for the perfect clients to start pouring in. Setting intentions to call them in. To be visible to those who need your products/services and start by using a manifestation ritual, writing in your journal (is ritual) daily meditation can move you into that energy quicker than just saying "oh I wish"
We are all energy and when we move into the energy we want to attract miracles happen. Being intentional about it.. brings it in faster.
My products are created to help you to set intentions, to move into that energy to engage in ritual.... To call in the miracles....

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