The New moon in Leo - Lions Gate

The New moon in Leo - Lions Gate

New Moon In Leo, Lions Gate

 The new moon is a time to set intentions and create rituals. This month’s new moon in Leo will be an opportunity for you to gain clarity around your big-picture goals, dreams, and projects. You might even use the energy to do a ritual like talking to your therapist or a loved one, journaling, lighting a candle, or doing a visualization practice. However it does bear noting that some new moons are better suited to intention-setting and ritual than others.

 Sometimes we need more than just setting intentions; sometimes we need actionable steps on how we can make our desires come true. That’s why this month I want you take advantage of the power of the new moon by creating an intention with specific actions that will help manifest your desires into reality! For example if you want more money in your life then write down what specifically you would like (e.g., $10K) and what actions you plan on taking (e.g., Where are you going to save, What can you do to earn extra dollars?). 

 Write down what you've been reflecting on around the new moon and circle back six months down the road when corresponding full moon happens.

 You'll be able to see all of your hard work come to fruition as this New Moon brings about change and growth. This is an opportunity to start fresh with renewed energy, enthusiasm, and optimism for what lies ahead. It's time to take risks, make changes, and get excited about everything that could happen! You can't afford not to seize this moment! 

This year, the Leo new moon coincides with a Lion's Gate. It's an 8-8 portal that opens up every year as our Sun aligns with Sirius, aka "the spiritual Sun," generating high-frequency energy that is here to help us evolve. It may be hard to focus on anything super practical. When you're stuck in a rut, or just need an energy boost to get through the day it's important not to forget about yourself. One way we can take care of ourselves is by taking regular screen breaks from everything and anything that has us staring at screens all day long. Take some time out for your own interests even if they seem silly or indulgent--parking our inner cynic means experimenting with new ways of thinking and being which could change how limited we believe life really is!

 If you've been making excuses when it comes to standing up for yourself or taking risks after believing something, then fear has tricked you into thinking they were reasonable ways out of doing things which are difficult and brave. Now's as good a time as ever before:  we should stand our ground, the truth is you're not lacking in bravery—you just need to develop your backbone.

Leo is a sign that loves to be generous and compassionate, but in order for those traits to blossom even more than they already do, it's time now turn them inward. The most auspicious new moon of the year happens this Saturday at 8/8. This date is known as "Lion's Gate" because every year on August 8th there are higher frequencies available from the lions gate activation with its lunar crowning point called 'Leo'.

The Leo archetype has traditionally been associated with royalty and nobility; considered guardians by many cultures throughout history who were often seen as protectors or providers. But perhaps their greatest gift was how empathic these individuals could be - like lions guarding kings! 

The new moon is a time to take stock of your life, and make changes if necessary. This becomes even more important when the outer planets Saturn and Uranus are in square alignment as they will be this month for three days during the waning phase of our closest celestial neighbor. With an eye on these planetary influences, there's no better opportunity than now to shift how you do things or try something completely different. You may not feel super ready for these changes but in true form if we don't grow and shift the universe will push us to. So why fight it. 

Get ready for this next phase by taking some time out now for self-reflection or meditation so you're prepared for whatever may come your way during these next few weeks. And don't forget—the more we know ourselves better, the easier it becomes to navigate our lives with intentionality and joy!

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