New moon intentions

Setting new moon intentions is sowing seeds for what you desire to come to fruition. To call forth what it is you are wanting to manifest. Planting those seeds to be illuminated.

A few days before the new moon you can start thinking about the seeds you are wanting to sow..What is it you want to grow and thrive or call into your life.
Taking a journal or piece of paper writing them out.. You can add to them in the days leading up to the NEW MOON.


When we write these things down they are energetically cast out to the universe.

You can sit in meditation and tune in and see if there is anything that calls to you. Any messages you receive or ideas that spring to mind also. Bringing in that quite offers a space for openness and also to allow your higher voice to be heard.

It is really important that you are focusing on what you do want. Not what you do not want.. Not what you want to get rid of. Call in what it is that you are seeking or yearning for... Stating it in positives such as I am, as if it is already upon you. That it is your birthright and you are deserving of what you long for. 


The first 48 hours after the new moon are a very energetic time so don't forget to focus on your intentions, in this time..... 


You could also spend some time journaling if you are unsure of what it is specifically that you want to set.

Some journal prompts for you to feel into what you are looking to call in could  help:

What is working for me at the moment?

What is not working so well for me at the moment?

How do I want to feel?

What do I want more of?

What do I want less of?


These may help bring some clarity to what it is that you are wanting to pull towards you...


On the New MOON take your list and read it out loud to the MOON. Tell her what it is that you are seeking... 

Thank the moon and the universe for  hearing you... 


Take your list and place it on your altar, sacred space, somewhere you feel is special and you can place your crystals on it Read it every day until the FULL MOON and when the moon is full take your list and again go outside and read it to the full moon. Thanking her and the universe for listening and then this time taking it and burning the list.  Trusting that the universe will provide your desires..


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