The Importance of Energy Protection

The Importance of Energy Protection

This morning I launched a whole range of products around this subject.

Energy Protection. 

You may not realise it but all energy effects you. Whether you are aware or not. 

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt that something was not quite right? That it felt off. That was you tapping into the energy and I can guarantee that it was not right that something was 'off'

See we are all like sponges and some of us are more so than others. We take on other peoples emotions as if they were our own. You know when a friend is going through something and they confide in you and you feel as if you too have or are going through what they are... This is the energy exchange. Plus if they are a good friend you are emotionally invested. 

What about when you come across a person who you may not know and you immediately feel revitalised by them. Same goes with positive energy we tap in and take it on. That is why they suggest spending time with those who lift you up rather than tear you down. 

We also take on all the toxic energy around us through technology, toxins in the air, a collective stress. 

I really struggle to go into big crowds (not that there is much of that with covid times) but lots of energy effects me to the point I feel nauseous. I went to a psychic festival the other day and you can imagine the energy there with all of the wonderful things but It physically made me feel ill that I shortened my visit. 

This is where energy protection can be very powerful. We may be at a job that really depletes us. That puts a lot of stress on us physically and emotionally. You don't have the choice not to go so putting some protection around you will help. 

The first place to start is to cleanse and clear your energy. Starting with setting the intention to do just that. Close your eyes and imagine streaming from above a beautiful pillar of light that enters at the crown of your head and moves it way down through your body. Visualising it lighting you up as it moves through. And as this light fills your body all of the old, stagnant, negative energy and tension starts to dissolve. Turning back into love and light energy. And as it dissolves you feel lighter and more relaxed. Breathing in a deep inhale, then exhaling letting go of any residual energy that is left. Then  shake you body as vigourously as you can, literally shaking it off. Shaking off that energy you no longer need. Once you feel that you have cleared your energy imagine that you  have a big orb around you. A Bubble that is thick, un breakable and you have all you need within the bubble. This bubble is bomb proof and any energy that is not of your highest good will simply bounce right off. You will only take in what you need... 

The next step is clearing your home. Taking sage or some kind of smudge or energy clearing spray move through each room of your home either saying in your mind or stating out loud.  I cleanse my space of any energy that is not of the highest good. Only positive loving energy is allowed into my home. 

Or find something that works for you.. Saying what is meaningful for you... Clearing out the energy allows space for positive light energy and you will notice the difference once you do this... 

Using crystals, the Reiki infused intention candles (for what ever intention you have ) The Cleanse and Protect are perfect for this.

Smudge will help cleanse and then protect your home also. Smudging could be using sage or palo santo, incense or some herb smoke option. Or you could use Energy mists or even bells, or sound bowls to cleanse your space. 

There are also conscious ways to protect your energy simply by setting the intention that you are not open for any energy that is going to deplete you and make you feel terrible. 

I know when my hubby is in a bad mood I say outloud ( if he is not in That I am not available for this energy. This is his energy and his issue and not mine and I refuse to take it on.(sometimes I have to say it over and over to myself ) and I also remove myself from it. (not that my hubby is often in a bad mood but I have had to use this a few times) 

Setting boundaries around what you will and will not accept helps too. 

If you are in a more vibrant positive energy your energy will rub of on others too so when they are around you it is all love and light (most of the time) 

So get protecting... 


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