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The Benefits of Crystals

Crystals are treasures of the Earth. They have ancient heritage and incredible energies within. 

The Crystal, rock, gem has been taking form for millions of years. The Earth once a white hot ball of moten lava. Gradually over years this layer became thinner as it cooled and created a crust. Crystals were formed due to the extreme temperature changes as well as fusions of gases and the stress of the Earths plates. The different colours  and shapes come from various minerals such as iron, maganese etc

Crystals are alive. They are known for their vibrational energy. Have you ever held a crystal in your hand and felt it heat up. It is applying stress to the crystal and its electromagnetic force comes alive. Each crystal has is own energy and has energies related to different physical, emotional and vibrational aspects. 

Being a Reiki Practitioner and working with energy it is incredible how these stones can help release, magnify, cleanse and nurture different energies. 

Crystals can be used for protection, transformation, manifestation, healing, divination and magic. 

There are a variety of shapes and forms 







Palm stones



There are many many different forms of crystals and it pays to do your research on what might be a good match for you where you are at. Also walking into a crystal store and taking not of what you may feel and energetic pull towards. Sometimes the crystal chooses you. 


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