See you later 2021

See you later 2021

Yes 2021 has been challenging. 

It has seen a lot of upheaval for us as a collective.

2020 was for me a year of hope. I cried a lot praying that this was going to turn everything around. We are all in the same boat we all can finally sympathise with one another and I really wanted it to bring us all closer together, make us more empathetic and compassionate, wake us up ….. 2021 saw us actually start to divide us. From the vaccinated to un vaccinated. It made me sad that that’s how this is going. I actually if I’m honest hid away, stuck to my own little world, with my family and my studio and clients.


Those who know me know I’m more of an extrovert but these days that’s not the case. My energy is quickly fractured when I’m out and about in the community. Loud noise, lots of people really affect me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not used to it but it drains the life from me.


I actually found myself just last week wondering where my vivacious, fun self has gone. I feel like nothing really brings me joy. I feel a little flat. A little dead.


I was watching the kids have a party at our place Boxing Day and they were singing dancing having fun and that made me happy for them but that’s when I really noticed that I have become numb


How did that happen?

So when Luke said let’s pack the car and go on a road trip I was all in. I need to feel the earth, walk in the ocean, hold my husbands hand, take notice of all the beauty our universe has to offer. Feel the breeze on my skin. Walk along beach tracks, Ask to be healed. Start the work around letting go of that block. That stuck energy in my body. Eat well, rest. Allow creative ideas to flow. Connect to Spirit ( nature, my higher self) do my spiritual practices. Honour my body. Nourish my mind body and soul. Start to live and feel alive again.

I think I’m so anxious if what’s in store for us. I have unconsciously been focused on this new way of living a way I’m not comfortable with.

So much restriction. But that’s the point we have lived most of our lives here in countries that are fortunate. That have had all the freedom we ever wanted and we still complained. We didn’t appreciate that.


So here is to appreciating what I have. Working with the new ways that we have to live. ( to a certain extent). Healing wounds, letting go of patterns and negative beliefs, finding myself again. I need to find myself again. 

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