Rose Quartz/ Self love intention candle and the benefits

Rose Quartz/ Self love intention candle and the benefits

The universal LOVE stone.


Rose Quartz is known as the love stone. It is pink in colour. It is the stone of connection. It restores trust and promotes harmony in relationships and encourages unconditional love. Which is why I use the rose quartz within the SELF LOVE REIKI INFUSED INTENTION CANDLE. 

It has also been known for its ability to heal emotional wounding, is a mood stablilser and is wonderful for reducing anxiety. 

Rose quartz is also known for encouraging self acceptance and forgiveness. 


Our SELF LOVE Reiki infused intention candle is the most popular of the candle range and with that I cannot help to wonder if more women are needing that support and connection to self.

I have worked with many women throughout the years and realise that one of the things that us women, suffer from, is that we feel unworthy, not enough and we are more than enough.

We are expected or we put the expectation on ourselves to do our very best in every role we think we "should" play. The carer, the friend, the lover, the nurturer, the counselor, the disciplinarian, the organised, the companion, the sexy, the fun, and the list goes on.... We feel we need to be it all for everyone and forget about ourselves therefore we put the pressure on ourselves to perform, leaving us feeling lacking when we cannot keep up.

When I charge the self love candles I have this in mind as I know how that feels as I myself have felt this way and still do.

I intentionally add in intentions of unconditional love, feelings of joy and connection to the heart chakra. Connection to your true self underneath all the expectation. An energy that is pure and radiant and light and full of love. 

I hope when you burn these candles you feel that. You feel that love for yourself. You connect with the essence of who you are underneath the "shoulds" That you feel into the love that is abundant within... 

So the combination of those intentions, the energy charged and sealed within and also the Rose Quartz stone to illuminate and magnify the intentions makes this candle a very loving supportive tool for any woman or man for that matter. 

Love Erin xx 

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