Is it safe to have flowers in candles?

Is it safe to have flowers in candles?

In a short answer. YES it is safe. It is safe it they are placed correctly. 

When I pour my candles I try to add the botanics (and from here on out I will be extra conscious) in already melted wax so that when you light your wick the flame does not ignite the botanics. It is more likely to just melt and drift to the bottom of the jar as the wax melts.  If the botanics do catch, it is more likely that they will smolder for a second or two but it rarely happens. 

Crystals are also safe to house within your candle again just really paying attention to your candle and never leaving it unattended when burning. ( I did another blog post on this recently

With the Crystals I offer that the larger stones be removed once the wax has softened and placed besides the candle as the crystal can effect the burn of your candle and it can push the wick either under or close to the side of the jar and the jar heating up is not a good thing. The smaller crystals will just sink to the bottom with the melted wax generally, so it is best practice to remove your larger ones. It does not affect the energy of the candle if placed besides your vessel. Once your candle is burned you take your crystals and give them a cleanse and add them to your altar or wherever you feel you might like to keep them. 

When you purchase a candle from Inner Light Collective your are sent a candle care card to make sure you take the right safety precautions. 

How I Safely Add Dried Flowers to Candles

  1. Once candle is poured I add the flowers to the wax when it is still molten. If it has hardened I always hit the top layer with the heat gun and sprinkle flowers into melted wax. There may be some on top of the candle that are loose but you can gently tip out or make sure they are pushed to the sides.
  2. I try to place (and will now make a more conscious effort to) flowers closer to the edge of the jar leaving a reasonable area around the wick that is free of dried herbs. The herbs will slowly sink into the molten wax to the bottom of the container.

How I safely add crystals to the Candles

  1. Once wax is poured I wait until it is semi set, still soft enough to add the crystals. I embed them into the wax. I try to aim for medium size crystals but sometimes larger ones are used. These are usually quite deep into the wax and close to the outer rim of the vessel. 
  2. The crystals that are of a smaller nature are placed on top of the wax, melted enough so that they stick to the top layer. These littler crystals should just melt to the bottom of the candle. If your crystals move as the wax melts, towards your wick, just take a tea spoon and remove and place with your larger crystals next to the candle. 

As with any candle it is important to be aware of safety. Our candles now have a safety sticker on the bottom and you also receive your card to read the safety instructions. 

I hold an insurance policy that is a candle makers insurance policy that covers candle makers and crystal and botanic candles are covered. ( Proving that they are created safely that they are not illegal.) 

Excerpt from policy

Yes, dried flowers and crystals can be used in Candles. However, at all times the wick must be the only combustible item in the candle. If the flowers and/or crystals become combustible then this is not an acceptable risk to our Insurers. 

This is why it is important that you ensure you batch-test your products consistently so that you ensure your products are safe for consumers.

Before your product reaches the Australian consumer market, it is vital for you to ensure that your products meet the level of safety generally expected by Australian consumers. You must also ensure not to make, buy or sell banned products and that all products meet the requirements of relevant mandatory safety standards.

With any candle comes an element of danger, that’s why there is a warning sticker/card about it’s proper and safe use. A professionally embellished candle with dried flowers and crystals is no different. Used properly and according to the instructions, a decorated and embellished custom crystal candle can bring a joyful energy to you and your home.





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