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Energy is MAGIC.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE energy healing. This is the juice.
For the longest time I worked with women coaching them and guiding them to connect to self and to tune in to what it is that they need. For the most part they find it really hard to do so. So hard to find what it REALLY is that they are longing for or wanting for themselves because they let the MIND get in the way. They start second guessing themselves, they start over analysing things. With energy work you go straight to it. Go into the energy, straight to the soul...
Most of the blocks we house are ones that we are unaware of, until we are of course we are ... aware...
We have no control over what has affected us, why we react the way that we do, why we typically repeat patterns of behaviour. 
I found that meditation, journaling and conscious work to be incredible helpful. Helping to tap you in. Moving out of your MIND and into your energy, moving to your higher self where you can let what comes through flow, without judgement. 
Energy work is this kind of work and which can  also can bring you to deeper levels of healing and connection through connecting you to your souls energy your own unique voice and to your magic.
We all are pure energy and it tends to get  tainted by other energies. We get clogged up with things we need to do, things people say, what if they think this about me and then we dull ourselves. We take on other energy, if others are sad, angry or frustrated. We listen to the news and it changes our energy. 
The thing I love is when people do a session with me and always say "oh i feel so much lighter"
That is what reiki is, it goes beyond the mental, to the cellulor, energetic and spirit. It can help you to release the other heavier energies from your energetic field. To dig deep, unravel, unlock, give over...
There is not one way..
I have learned along the way that what I do is magic... I don't have to do things the way other Reiki healers do. In fact the reason I don't really have reiki healing done, from other practitioners is that I don't want to judge the way I do it. I do not want to have anything to model myself off, I want to trust my intution, my spirit and the guidance I am given. I have had Reiki ( but only from my mentors)
I have my own way
I have spent my life comparing, trying to measure up. Trying to do things the way others did so that I did it right. I would follow those who were doing, I used to think I needed to do what everyone else does because that is how I too will find success. No me doing my work the way others do, or out of alignment, would cause me to be in the wrong energy. 
 I wasn't having the success like they were, and that was because I was trying to do something that was not me... Trying to fit this mould... So now I beat to my own drum. 
Now I just do what I feel. I am and intuitive soul guide, I receive messages, feelings, a knowing about certain things and I share this with my clients. Sometimes there is something their body is showing me, I I will sometimes hear a phrase, feel a niggle or pain in my body, sometimes emotions overcome me, sometimes a guide will come in and share something with me, sometimes I just sense what needs to be worked on and I am drawn to a certain part of the body. 
I realise now this is where my heart lies, where my soul feels at home. Where I can tap in and tap you in and it is exciting, freeing and so very gratifying that I get to help on such a deep and magical level... 
I feel that Reiki, and energy healing goes beyond anything that mind can comprehend. That yes it is physical but also spiritual and soulful. 
The universe, guides, ancestors, angels, energy work together to give the client what they need. To help release what the client needs to. And it is all in the hands of divine energy. 
It is also about trust. Trusting your practitioner, the practitioner trusting themselves and also that the universe will support them in guiding you to heal. 
If you have not yet tried Reiki I suggest you do so because there is so much light and healing that comes with it. 
If you would like to try a session with me either face to face or via distance you can book through the link below. 
Love Erin xx

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