"Embracing the Cosmic Unveil: My Journey to Healing Light"

"Embracing the Cosmic Unveil: My Journey to Healing Light"

Hey there, beautiful souls! So, let's rewind the tape of my cosmic journey and see where it all began. The conscious part, at least!

Picture this: 2013, the year I hit rock bottom and found myself in a tug of war with my own body. A journey into health started with an unexpected twist – a detour into the world of MLMs. As the pounds melted away, confidence soared, and I found myself guiding a tribe of incredible women. But, you know what? Weight loss culture wasn't my groove; it was the empowerment and camaraderie that stole my heart.


Exiting that chapter, I started my own mentoring gig, delving into weight management psychology. Yet, that lingering feeling of being a fraud crept in. Cue a game-changer: NLP, an intense 9-day plunge that shook loose the baggage I'd been carrying.

Fast forward through EFT, shaman ceremonies, and other mystical adventures, and I stumbled upon the magic of Reiki. Ding, ding, ding – we've got a winner! Attunement opened a floodgate of gifts, and my intuition skyrocketed. Tarot waltzed into my life, becoming the divination dance partner I never knew I needed. Card readings turned into profound connections, even hosting surprise visits from the other side.

But, let's talk candles! Crafting these magical companions, infused with Reiki healing vibes, became a passion. Especially during the wild ride of COVID, providing people with their own energetic tools felt like a cosmic calling.

Now, I can't help but revel in the love and awe from my incredible clients. Sure, there were moments of fear, of looking silly or being wrong, but with each step, I embraced the unknown. One intention at a time, I waltzed out of my comfort zone, knowing that what's meant for me will find its way.

The journey continues, and I'm strapped in for all the twists, turns, and cosmic surprises. More levels await, and I'm ready for the dance. Fear may linger, but it's just a fleeting shadow on this extraordinary path. Here's to the cosmic waltz of life – one step at a time!

Love Erin xx 

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