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Crystal Candle Care Tips

Crystal Candles are a little different to burn than your average candle. 

After experimentation I suggest that crystals be removed from your candle.  Chips are fine but if you want an even burn, then I suggest once the soy wax, is softened remove the crystals from the wax and place beside your vessel. You can clean these with soapy warm water at a later date. This is not going to effect the healing energy within your candle. 

Sometimes leaving your crystal within the candle while you are burning it can lead to tunneling of the candle and can also shift and move the wick or even hinder the wick, stopping the candle from functioning altogether. 

With crystal infused candles it is important to make sure your wick is clear so that it can in fact burn. So this is why I suggest taking the crystal and placing it beside your jar. 

Also remember to keep your wick trimmed to 5 mm to create a cleaner burn. When the wick is longer it causes a soot and it will blacken the rim of your candle jar. 

If your candle wax does start to tunnel, you can  wrap the jar in foil, leaving a lip over the opening so that the entire vessel warms and melts to the edge. 

It is important that in your very first burn of your candle that you let it burn to the edges. Burning for no longer than 4 hours, no less than 2 hours. 

Inner Light Collective Candles are made with soy wax so this wax is softer and more environmentally friendly, you will be able to remove your crystals with ease once your wax is warm. 

Remember to place on a stable surface, out of the way of breeze's or drafts. Do not leave to burn unattended. Also only burn down til wax is 1 cm from bottom for safety. If it burns dry then this might cause your jar to heat and to crack or shatter. 

Having Crystals with your intention candle is for the enhancement of healing properties. It magnify the intentions cast within and to help radiate that energy through to you. These are very special and powerful tools to use in your journey. 

Once you have finished your candle, never let it burn to nothing. Leave 1 cm in the bottom of the candle as this is best for safety.

You can use your jar as a container, a planter or anything you would like to use it for. I also place some in my linen cupboard as the fragrance makes them smell nice. 


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