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Inner Light Collective

The Spiritual Connection Bundle

The Spiritual Connection Bundle

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Our spiritual connection bundle was created to support you on your spiritual journey.

The pure essential oil blend and Meditate oil roller, with its mix of Lemongrass, Frankincense and Cedarwood, is perfect for helping you relax, connect and feel aligned.

The Clear Quartz - Amplifying and manifesting intentions | master healer | balances and revitalises the physical

Labradorite - Seizing the opportunity | synchronicity | magical change | Transformation promotes psychic abilities


Lepidolite -Self-respect | Self-reliance | Transition 

Blue Apatite -Uplifts |Clears the way for success | decrease apatite |manifestation

crystals in this kit were chosen for their ability to connect you to your higher self and beyond.


Whether you're just beginning your spiritual journey or are looking to deepen your connection, this bundle is a great way to support your process.

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