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this pack is intended for those who need some support on their healing journey.


The products in this pack will compliment that journey 

Starting with the Reiki infused intention healing candle.

Wether it be physical, emotional or spiritual healing you are after this candle will be your companion on your healing journey.


Infused with intentions of healing and the healing stone Fuchsite within this vessel, the combination is powerful.


Going through a break up? Found yourself with health issues? Wanting to clear some residual wounding, patterns and triggers... 

Need to do some inner child work? 


This candle is perfect for you 

The Inner Light Collective Reiki Infused Collection is more than just your pretty candle. I wanted to create something meaningful, powerful, magical and something to assist you with different Intentions.

Being in the space ( energy healing) that I am in I knew that there was a need for something to guide you a little deeper. We see practitioners and healers but the work really is up to us. We are the ones who do the WORK 

I wanted to create something to be a support, a beacon or connection for you to do so, what ever that WORK may be. 

 The next item you will receive in this healing pack is the Meditation roller blend 

Use this sacred blend for mediation and ritual work. 

 This oil is intended to help you connect, expand, open and bring forth clarity. 

When in meditation, journal, yoga, or ritual practice this oil will open up the channel to your higher self, energies, source or what it is you seek. 


Rolling this blend on your body before starting your practice will help anoint you and bring you closer to messages, enlightenment, spirit guides, consciousness. 

When breathing in this invigorating blend it will awaken the senses. 

Juniper berry
Moonstone crystals 

Lemongrass is the oil to know to aid promoting of psychic powers. 
Juniper berry is long been considered an important purifying cleanser and protectant of dangerous or negative forces. Helping you to call in the love and light. 
Frankincense is wonderful also for purification, calling in peace and is widely used in ritual and spell work. 

And you will receive a crystal that I intuitively feel will be a support to you on your journey and information on the crystal.