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Looking after our energy is of the utmost importance and not something we often think about. 

When I created the Cleanse reiki infused candle I created it with this in mind. That we need a way to clear out any negative energies that we end up carrying around with us from our environment and surroundings, the people around us and the daily stressors.

This pack is the perfect combination to guide you to protect and cleanse your energy. 

You receive one of Inner Light Collectives Cleanse reiki infused candles as well as the Sacred space cleansing spray. 

This blend was created as a quick and easy way to move negative or stagnant energy from your space, to guide you to cleanse and purify without the use of smoke. (although smudging is a beautiful was to cleanse too. ) 

The oils used in this spray help to raise the energetic vibration. To uplift the energy and to keep the whole body - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - in balance and harmony.

You can spray around the space you are in, or throughout your entire home, office or wherever you are cleansing, setting the intention to cleanse the space of any negative or energies that are no longer of service to you. Allowing in the light and positive uplifting vibrant energy.

You can also do this by misting yourself asking for the energy to be dissolved from your auric field. You can spray above the crown of your head letting the droplets immerse in your energy, breathing in the cleansing smells allowing all energy that is not of the highest energy.

This sacred space cleansing spray is made with 
and infused with white sage within the bottle. 
Within is the crystal tourmaline 

Also you will get the empath roller blend. 

It is of the utmost importance to protect your energy when and where you can.  There are various ways to do this and I have some energy clearing audios here in store but one of the ways to protect your energy is to set and intention to do so and using this EMPATH oil in ritual, such as placing it on before you enter work environments or situations where you know your energy may need protecting stating a simple affirmation such as

"I honor my energy and therefore place a protective bubble around myself." as you roll on the oil. 

You of course should choose something that is of meaning and purpose to you.

The thing with this gorgeous blend is that you can take it anywhere with you and using it as an anchor of protection... ( when you roll on your energy is protected, as you are putting it out to the universe, your higher self is aware that this is your ritual of guarding and protecting your energy.)


This blend consists of 


Clary Sage

Ylang Ylang





Roll on wrists, behind ears, in elbow and knee joints, nape of neck or on collarbone.