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The Ascension Trio
The Ascension Trio
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The Ascension Trio

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Get all three of the Ascension candles. 
This way you are covered for each stage of your journey. 

Awaken, Peace and Surrender.


Beautiful soul are you ready to open up?

Are you ready to seek the parts of you that have been dormant? 

Are you ready to tap into your powerful energy and shine your light bright?


You may have said a HELL YES. Or you may have been a bit more hesitant than that, but here you are. You were called here. 


What does Awakening mean? 

  1. an act of waking from sleep.
    "since my awakening I had realized it was a very special day"
  2. 2.
    an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.
    "the war came as a rude awakening to the hardships of life
    coming into existence or awareness.
  1. "his awakening desire"



    Ahhh peace. The serenity. Calm, Quiet, stillness. 

    These are the intentions for this Reiki infused intention candle. 

    Tuning in to tune out... 

    Use this candle for times when you need to recharge, when you need to recalibrate, feel a sense of renewal. When you need to go inward and just get really still. This is a wonderful tool for your meditation and yoga practice. 

    Taking time to retreat inwards to look for that inner peace. To take a breath and just be. 


     This is the last one of the trio in the Divine Feminine Collection. 

    And it is one of the most powerful. 

    Surrender is not to give in. It is to give over.  It is to let go of trying to control the situation and just have faith that everything is working out as it is planned. (not your plan) 

    Surrender is not a form or weakness it shows that you have courage to trust in yourself.  

    This is a beautiful healing support tool to offer you guidance as you navigate your Spiritual, Self Development journey. 

    The energy cast within this Intention candle is one of trust, faith, kindness to self, awareness and courage. 

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