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Inner Light Collective

Soul Blueprint Reading

Soul Blueprint Reading

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This is a channeled blueprint that is channeled by myself and intuitive guide and through your spirit team. 

In the blueprint you receive information (which is delivered in a PDF Keepsake booklet) and the information that comes through is 

Your energy, your gifts, ancestral energy and past lives. Your chakras and where you may be activation and where you gifts stem from and also where you may be a little blocked or stagnant. Also how you can share these gifts in the world. 

The readings are channeled messages and this may take a day or two as the right energy is needed to do the reading. 

For those looking for meaningful ways to deepen their understanding of themselves and their purpose in life, Soul Blueprint readings provide invaluable insight that can be tapped into again and again throughout one's lifetime journey.

 Standard benefits:
Gain clarity about your life's purpose.
Discover how to share your gifts and magic with the world.
Emotional benefits:
Find confidence in your soul energy.
Experience peace and understanding about yourself and your life path.

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