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Inner Light Collective

Soul Blueprint Container

Soul Blueprint Container

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The Soul Blueprint Container is a powerful and transformational 4-6 week immersion experience.

There is a 4 week Group Immersion - 4 calls over 4 weeks via zoom

And 6 week one on one intimate healing immersion. - Contact via voxer for the entire 6 weeks and 6 weekly calls via zoom.

During this unique journey, you will be lovingly guided to explore the depths of your soul blueprint – an energetic roadmap that contains information about your energy, ancestral and past life energy, blocks, gifts, purpose, and how you can facilitate it in this lifetime.

This one-of-a-kind keepake comes with clear guidance on how to use it to maximize your inner growth. It helps bring clarity and confidence in moving forward on your own path by providing insight into who you are at the deepest level - uncovering what makes you unique and special.

Each week during the container we will meet via zoom to discuss topics related to your personal transformation journey. We will also do healing exercises, clearings, activations and other soulful practices that help bring out the best version of yourself. You will be held every step of the way as we create a safe space for you to express yourself fully without judgement or fear.

At the end of this experience, you will walk away with an enhanced understanding of who you are deep down within - knowing where you need more love & attention so that your true self can shine through! In addition to accessing deep wisdom from within, this process also allows for addressing any limiting beliefs or patterns that may have been blocking your growth up until now. So come join us on this incredible journey as we explore your unique soul blueprint together!


What you receive: 

• 4-6 week soul blueprint immersion held in a safe space
• Keepsake format of your unique channelled soul blueprint containing information about your energy, blocks, ancestral and past life energy, gifts and purpose, and how to facilitate it in this lifetime
• Past life regression
• Energy exercises to use at home
• EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other modalities of healing for relief from physical, mental and emotional distress
• Guidance and support during the entire time of the immersion
• Ongoing support after completion of the immersion
• Access to resources that can help you as you continue to explore your soul blueprint
• An opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level, allowing for more clarity and insight into yourself as an individual
• The chance to learn more about healing and transformation through meditation, visualization techniques or other spiritual practices

• Connect with others in a sacred circle of healing and learning

• Receive a personalized understanding of your gifts and how to show up powerfully in the world

• Feel clarity and confidence that facilitates taking action on your life journey

• Experience emotional healing and release as you connect with yourself on a deeper level

• Activate dormant energy to bring forward desired change

• Discover tools to use for ongoing personal growth and expansion

• Learn about energetic boundaries, manifestation practices, self-love & compassion.





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