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Sacred Space Energy Mist

Sacred Space Energy Mist

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This sacred space energy mist is for those of you who would like to cleanse and protect your space (office, home, workplace, studio)

This blend was created as a quick and easy way to dissolve any negative or stagnant energy from your space, to guide you to cleanse and purify without the use of smoke. (although smudging Botanics is a beautiful way to cleanse too. )

The oils used in this spray help to raise the energetic vibration. To uplift the energy and to move on the old. This mist is used to call in harmony and balance within your sacred space allowing it to feel lighter, more vibrant and positive.

You can spray around the space you are in, or throughout your entire home, office or wherever you are cleansing, setting the intention to cleanse the space of any negative or energies that are no longer of service to you. Allowing in the light and positive uplifting vibrant energy.

You can also do this by misting yourself asking for the energy to be dissolved from your auric field. You can spray above the crown of your head letting the droplets immerse in your energy, breathing in the cleansing smells allowing all energy that is not of the highest energy.

This sacred space cleansing spray is made with 
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Sage
  • Cedarwood
  • Within is the crystal tourmaline 
100 ml 



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