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About Past Life regression sessions with Inner Light collective.

In this session you are guided gently by myself to a relaxed state of consciousness where you then can access your past life memories. This process is gentle and like a guided meditation.
In the session it will take around 2 hours we will have a consultation to start so that I can talk you through the process we will then work on the relaxation and taking you into a hypnotic state.
All hypnosis is self hypnosis which means the client is allowing themselves to go into the at level of relaxation _ the hypnotic trance. The conscious mind needs to focus so that the subconscious can allow the memories in regression to come up or the patterns of behaviour to change. In the focusing of the mind, you are using a guided visualisation to allow the conscious mind to focus on the images or words so that the gateway to the subconscious can be accessed.
During this session we may visit one or two lives. Seeing what you need to see from the ones you visit sometimes we carry with us throughout our lifetimes, patterns, trauma or pain or even contracts into this life and in this healing session we are able to heal or disconnect from these patterns, contracts ect.
Do you have a reoccurring pattern that you have popping up and no matter what kind of healing you do it just will not disappear? Well it could be that it is a soul contract or you need to heal this from past lifetime.
The way this works is there is online sessions which are done via zoom, or at my local studio. 


All healing work that is done is confidential.
Sometimes you may want to go into a past life regression trying to solve a certain problem but there are also those who are just very curious as to what lives they have previously lived.
You may find that seeing some of the lives you lived previously fit into this circumstance in this life.
You may also recognise people (not by their look) but energetically that you share this life with, in other lifetimes.

I am very excited to take this journey with you.




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