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Inner Light Collective

New Kids on the block Trio

New Kids on the block Trio

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Meet the newest members of our oil family - the "New Kids on the Block" trio! 🆕🎉 If you're craving a blend of protection, clarity, and confidence, this bundle is your golden ticket to a whole new level of positive vibes. 🌟

🛡️ Protect Oil: Wrap yourself in a shield of energy, a fragrant force field that wards off negativity and keeps your spirit safe and sound.

🔍 Clarity Oil: Clear the mental fog and welcome a burst of mental clarity. Let the refreshing aroma sharpen your focus and guide you towards insightful perspectives.

🌟 Confidence Oil: Boost your self-assurance and step into your power with this empowering blend. The uplifting scents are your secret weapon for radiating confidence in every step.

Ready to dive into the extraordinary with our New Kids on the Block trio? 🚀✨ Elevate your senses, protect your energy, and stride confidently into the future.

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