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Inner Light Collective

Moon Ritual Bundle

Moon Ritual Bundle

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The moon mirrors our feminine wisdom.

She shines a light in the darkness illuminating the shadows and guiding us back into our wisdom within. As women, we are innately connected to her feminine wisdom. We are affected by her pull, our emotions are intrinsically linked with the flow of her rhythm like the ebb and flow of the tides.

By working with the moon we embark on a journey of new beginnings and a new understanding of our own powerful essence that we hold within.

This Moon Ritual Kit is infused with Reiki, energetic transmissions and intentions which will awaken your intuition, your passion and illuminate those hidden dreams and desires and bring you back to yourself. Release anything that no longer serves you and bring in new beginnings and the manifestations you desire.

Each of the tools within this ritual kit will channel the lunar power to cast your wishes into the world and inspire, harmonise and transform your life for your highest good.

When you begin to sync with the moon, you’ll notice changes, changes in your mood and energy levels, encourage you to be happy, slow down and tap into the magic of the moon. A New Moon is a magical time that signifies the beginning of the next lunar cycle and with that comes our ability to refresh our habits, plans and set new intentions. The Full Moon is a time to release all that might be keeping us stuck or blocked. 

Each crystal has been cleansed under the moon, charged with the suns power and activated with energetic transmission and intentions specific to this ritual kit.

What the bundle includes 

Ritual Candle

Moon Mist

Moon blend

Moon water

Moon Drops 

A raw Crystal 

Moon Phase/ Ritual Card 







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