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Inner Light Collective

Girl Power - Affirmation Candle

Girl Power - Affirmation Candle

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Light this 'Girl Power' affirmation candle and remind yourself of your strength and courage! This uplifting gift is the perfect way to show a special girl in your life that you believe in her and her goals.


Viva Raspberry: Uplifting and Fresh! 

With each aromatic note, you're transported to a world of untamed beauty and sensual extravagance. The scent unfurls like a secret rendezvous, as the velvety touch of pink musk and the alluring allure of vanilla bean come together to create a seductive dance of contrasts. Like a forbidden potion, the delicate essence of rose water weaves its spell, while amber creme lends an irresistible warmth that caresses your very soul.
Top notes: Exotic Lychee, Wild Raspberry, Pink Grenadine
Mid notes: Rose Water, Geranium, Amber Crème
Base notes: Vanilla Bean, Pink Musk


Blueberry Muffin: Just like a delicious, sweet muffin.

Delicious, heady blueberries with hints of vanilla and dripping with melted butter.

Top notes: Orange peel, blueberry, lemon zest
Mid notes: Blackberry, spun sugar, milky notes
Base notes: Vanilla cream, drizzled caramel, sandalwood


Jamaica Me Crazy: Blissful island getaway.

This adored scent envelops your space with a vibrant burst of tropical fruits and the enticing aroma of rum. With a subtle addition of sugar, this fragrance achieves an ideal level of sweetness, completing the harmonious composition.

Top Notes: Tangerine, Orange Peel, Lemon

Middle Notes: Pineapple, Coconut, Orange

Base Notes: Rum, Sugar

Blood Orange Grapefruit:  A Zesty Refreshing blend

Experience a refreshing blend as zesty blood orange and vibrant grapefruit collide, creating a burst of invigorating citrus flavors. Delicately intertwined with the essence of summer jasmine and freesia on a vanilla and musk base.

Top Notes: Orange, Grapefruit

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Freesia, Fig

Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk


Vanilla Caramel: Sweet and salty buttery caramel

This scent is balanced perfectly with rich creamy vanilla coconut and tonka bean.

Top Notes: Buttery balsamic

Middle Notes: Salted caramel coconut

Base Notes: Creamy vanilla tonka bean

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