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Inner Light Collective

Focus and Concentration Bundle

Focus and Concentration Bundle

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If you find yourself needing a bit more focus and concentration in your life, this bundle is definitely for you!

The Focus and Concentration bundle is good for those who find that they often get a bit fuzzy-headed at work. It is also for those studying or going through exams. This is a great bundle to help you with any work or clarity you are needing.

The essential oil roller is a great way to get some extra clarity, and the crystals are perfect for carrying around with you during the day or studying for exams.

Sodalite is a great stone for promoting logic and helping you to see both sides of every issue

Carnelian is perfect for boosting your energy levels and keeping you motivated.

Clear Quartz is a powerful amplifier that can help to clarify your thoughts

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for open communication and self-love.

Butter Jade is a wonderful stone for managing stress levels and promoting feelings of calm and peace.

Together, these stones make the perfect bundle for anyone who is looking to boost their focus and concentration.


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