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Fire - Alchemy Element Candle - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire - Alchemy Element Candle - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

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Ignite Your Passion with the Fire Element Candle

The Fire Element – fierce, passionate, and undeniably powerful. It embodies the spark of creation, the drive of ambition, and the warmth of love. This candle is an enchanting tribute to the Fire Element, perfect for Fire signs or those who seek the fiery essence within.

Whether you're craving an atmosphere charged with passion or yearning for a burst of creativity in your space, this candle is your perfect companion.

 Crafted with Love and Intention 

Each candle is a labour of love, hand-poured to perfection, and infused with the fiery energy of Reiki. The crystals that adorn these candles are intuitively chosen, amplifying the flames of your desires.

 Details of Fierceness 

- Hand-poured: Made with devotion in Australia.
- Reiki Healing Energy: Infused to ignite your inner fire.
- Crystal Toppings: Featuring crystals to fuel your passion.
- Soy Wax Blend: A clean-burning, eco-friendly choice.
- 100% Cotton Wicks: For a steady and mesmerizing burn.
- Eco-friendly Glass: Fully recyclable.
- Approx. 40+hr Burn Time: Extended hours of fiery illumination.

 A Fragrance to Enkindle 

Floral Patchouli - Picture a bouquet of vibrant flowers mixed with the sultry allure of patchouli. This spicy-fresh scent opens with a zesty lemon burst and embraces a base of earthy herbs.

- Top Notes: Lemon, white ginger, and bergamot, igniting your senses.
- Mid Notes: Lemongrass, cyclamen, sage, and thyme, dancing with intensity.
- Dry Notes: Musk, white cedar, vetiver, and soothing tonka, grounding your desires.

 Fan the Flames of Your Dreams 

Light this candle and let the Fire Element envelop you in its passionate embrace. Allow the captivating aroma to fuel your ambitions, creativity, and the fiery spirit within.

Whether for your rituals, moments of inspiration, or simply as a reminder of your inner strength, this Fire Element candle is your gateway to harnessing the blazing power of your desires. 

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