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Inner Light Collective

Air - Alchemy Element Candle - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air - Alchemy Element Candle - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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Elevate Your Spirits with the Air Element Candle

The Air Element – ethereal, light, and filled with boundless possibilities. It embodies the essence of intellect, communication, and the endless expanse of the mind. This candle is a mesmerizing tribute to the Air Element, perfect for Air signs or those who seek the gentle breezes of inspiration.

Whether you're longing for a tranquil atmosphere or a touch of intellectual clarity, this candle is your ideal companion.
Crafted with Love and Clarity

Each candle is crafted with a heart full of love, hand-poured to perfection, and infused with the airy energy of Reiki. The crystals that adorn these candles are chosen intuitively, enhancing the clarity of your thoughts.

Details of Serenity

- Hand-poured: Made with love in Australia.
- Reiki Healing Energy: Infused to clear your mind and elevate your spirits.
- Crystal Toppings: Featuring crystals to amplify your intellectual prowess.
- Soy Wax Blend: A clean-burning, eco-friendly choice.
- 100% Cotton Wicks: For a steady and serene burn.
- Eco-friendly Glass: Fully recyclable.
- **Approx. 50hr Burn Time**: Extended hours of illuminating your ideas.

A Fragrance to Elevate

Pink Sands - Close your eyes and let your senses drift away to a paradise getaway. Pink Sands captures the essence of idyllic beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and the joy of tropical bliss.

- Top Notes: Pink grapefruit blended with fruity pineapple and sweet melons, uplifting your spirits.
- Mid Notes: Florals of violet and geranium, adding a touch of serenity.
- Base Notes: Vanilla, musk, and juniper berry, grounding your thoughts in tranquility.

Elevate Your Mind and Spirit

Light this candle and let the Air Element envelop you in its gentle embrace. Allow the enchanting aroma to clear your thoughts, inspire your creativity, and set your ideas soaring.

Whether for your meditation, moments of inspiration, or simply as a reminder of the boundless potential within you, this Air Element candle is your gateway to embracing the clarity and freedom of the mind. 


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