Collection: Springtime Collection

🌸 Embrace the Renewal of Spring with Our Reiki-Infused Intention Candles 🌸

As the world awakens to the gentle touch of spring, so do our souls. Welcome the season of rebirth and transformation with our exquisite collection of Reiki-infused intention candles, thoughtfully crafted to align with the energies of this magical time.

🌿 Fragrances of Springtime 🌿

🌷 Self Love: Allow the delicate scent of camellia and lotus to remind you that self-love blooms eternal, nurturing your inner garden of compassion.

🌱 Transformation* Ignite the essence of white lilac and lavender to support your journey of personal growth and transformation, just as nature sheds its old layers.

🌼 Healing Wild Honeysuckle: Let the sweet aroma of wild honeysuckle envelop you in healing energy, soothing the spirit and inviting vitality.

💨 Air Pink Sands: The refreshing notes of pink sands dance on the breeze, infusing your space with an airy lightness that promotes clarity and mindfulness.

🌺 Calm Orchid Vanilla: Find serenity in the soothing blend of orchid and vanilla, creating a peaceful sanctuary where you can escape the chaos of the world.

🍊 Gratitude Tropical Orange Blossom: Inhale the tropical essence of orange blossom, a fragrance that sparks gratitude in your heart, reminding you of life's sweet blessings.

✨ Each candle in this collection is carefully hand-poured with love and intention, infused with the healing energy of Reiki to amplify your intentions and elevate your spiritual practice.

🌟 Illuminate your sacred space, set your intentions, and allow the essence of spring to guide your journey toward self-discovery, healing, and renewal.

🌱 Embrace the season's transformative energy with our Spring Collection candles from Inner Light Collective. 🌱

Light a candle. Set your intention. Shine your inner light.