I love to journal. I know that when I spend time writing out my feelings, or plans or goals onto the page I come away feeling so much better. 

With my work being a soul alignment guide I often encourage my clients to use journaling as a tool for healing, relaxation or even to gain a sense of clarity. 

I feel as if journaling is when your soul is spilling onto the page. 


Sunshine and Sage is about beauty, soul, connection and things that will bring joy. So I wanted to offer you the very best of journals in this store. See I myself have a collection and there is nothing nicer than sitting down to write in your beautiful journal with a great pen and on really nice paper. 

 We have partnered with the company Fox and Fallow who have a beautiful range of products. 

Hope you enjoy the selection that Sunshine and Sage has to offer you. 


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  • I am Enough. Self Love Affirmation Cards
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