The Manifest Ritual Candle

The Manifest Ritual Candle

The Manifest Reiki infused Intention candle has made its way to the Ritual Candle Collection along side the MOon Ritual Candles.

This candle is a bespoke candle, meaning that I create the candle for you specifically based on your intentions that you are wanting to manifest into your life, you send that through to me when you purchase the Manifest candle.

I will tap into your energy or if it is for a gift tune into what that person may wish to create.

Once the candle is created I sit in meditation and then seal in all the wonderful intentions that have been passed on to me to cast and charge into your candle using reiki healing energy.

The main things that most people want to call in is, Abundance, Self love, a healthy loving relationship. The ability to be able to connect and expand.

When setting your intentions it is really important to be specific and get crystal clear on what it is that you are wanting to call in. The more clear you are the more likely you are able to magnify that energy.

Visualise what it is that you desire, and feel into it. What will it look like when you have this, what will it feel like. Think of it as if it has already come to fruition. How do you feel emotionally and physically?
What does it look like for you? How will it change your life?

Please NOTE that each candle is different to the picture... I will use crystals and fragrance that I feel called to, to create a beautiful manifesting tool for you to use in ritual to call in all of your desires....…/cand…/products/manifest

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