Candle Magic and Ritual

Candle Magic and Ritual

Candle work is magical work.

Candles have been used for centuries in ritual and magic practice. Fire of the candle is a powerful tool, it can ignite things, create and also remove and destroy and you can also use fire to invoke things. 

The candle signifies, light, warmth, celebration, love, hope, commemoration. 

Candle work / Candle ritual is a very personal thing. When using candles to invoke what magic you wish to receive it can be a very powerful tool to magnify what you desire. It relies on you, your energy and intention that you bring forth. 

The main thing that I have found is that it if you set the intention, if you are bringing the energy, the vibration and actively using a candle,the elements, the fire, the crystals, the botanics to make it known to the universe, that this is what you seek, that is where the magic lies. Within you.. your vibration, your energy, you intention. 

The very first wicked candles were created in 3000 BC they rolled papyrus and dipped it in bees wax and melted tallow. Other civilisations such as in China used available materials such as insect wax  and cinnamon tree in Japan.

Throughout history, humans have experimented with different sources of wax for candles: tallow wax from leftover kitchen fats, beeswax, bayberry wax, spermaceti (from sperm whale oil), and later, stearin, paraffin and soybean wax. 

In Christianity, a lit candle represents the divine light of God. In a marriage ceremony, two candles represent the two individuals, and a solid pillar their coming together in a union. Lighting a candle for the deceased signifies that their memory lives on and burns bright. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake goes back to an old belief that smoke will carry our wishes and prayers to the heavens. Each culture has their own spin on the traditions – it’s the ritual of lighting a candle itself that matters. (- greentreehomecandle)

Over time candles have been used to help create ambiance, soothe the senses, calm the mind, create sensual experiences, to use in meditation to develop a deeper connection to self, ignite romance. Candles are more than just a delight for senses they are bringers of light to the corners of our life that may feel a bit dark, they are an energetic tool to guide you in your own ritual practice whether it be that you are simply enjoying self care, engaging in moon rituals, spells and manifestation, calling in love, abundance, helping to cleanse a space or your own energy, calming and relaxing you, removing and releasing energy blocks, connecting to your higher self, using in a journaling practice, yoga practice, it is all a unique ritual that is tailored to you as the energetic being you are. 


Light a candle and try your own ritual! Trust me it is MAGIC !!!


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